Friday, August 27, 2010

I Love You, Lindy Michelle!!

Where had I seen her before? What was she doing here? Was she single? That cute blond sitting across the lobby from me had caught my eye. I had the usual flirty desires to appear macho, interesting, funny, mysterious and cool. Upon learning she was there to interview to be my replacement, the best I could muster to fulfill my five fore-listed requirements was “I’ll put in a good word for ya!” I made her smile. It might have been just a courtesy smile, but it was a smile all the same! As time rolled on, I started upbeat casual conversations with her here and there. Slowly we made our way to some innocent flirting. When she told me to just be a man and ask for her number, she had my attention! In that moment we witnessed Cam begin to lose interest in all other girls. This was a good one.....a special one.

At this point in my life I considered myself an "avid dater" or a "dating enthusiast" or even a "connoisseur of kisses." Life began to change when started seeing Lindy. She was so much more than anything I had experienced.

I called her at one point to make our first date a reality. We got impatient in the days leading up to our first date and decided to have a nice little afternoon together. That fun afternoon turned to a nice evening hike very quickly. After I helped her down a steep hill, SHE grabbed MY hand. We had several good talks throughout the night. In one of these talks she straight up told me that she was not looking for anything serious. I must not have been REALLY listening in that part of the conversation.
As Lindy has already mentioned, our first (official) date consisted of card games and then fireworks on her old high school football field. For no real reason I decided to let her beat me in a game of 'Phase 10." I am not sure why that became such a staple in our relationship, but it did. She knows I let her win; although, I deny it up and down. Why is this significant? I have TWO theories......#1 It could have been symbolic of my brand new feelings toward her. From that moment, she has always to come first in everything. I at least try my best to make it that way. OR #2 I was just sucking up. The whole date was amazing. It felt like we had been dating for months. I am pretty sure I was even brave enough to mention this to Miss. Lindy. We concluded our evening with a trip to the park swings. Then, the cool part..........we kissed. And it was GOOD.

We started full on dating after that and it was only a couple weeks before we exchanged "L" words. Then, only another week or two, we started talking about making things permanent. The "M" word. Lindy mentioned how I first proposed, so I won’t go over that. She did not mention that I was actually able to propose twice to her. I originally asked her to marry me with a $10.88 ring from walmart. Her real ring was being designed at the time. She wasn't going to move forward with wedding plans until she had a ring, so what do you do? My second shot a proposing was in front of the Logan temple. Awesome night! I had her convinced that her ring was still deep in the manufacturing stages when in all reality, it was sitting next to my seat in our truck. Her reaction is burned into my memory forever. She said "YES." I love Lindy Michelle and I am going to marry her on Dec. 18th!!!! I can hardly wait for that day to come!

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