Wednesday, September 15, 2010

.: best. date. ever. :.

A couple nights ago, Cameron came to my house and picked me up and took me to his house so we could go on a date that night. We walked in the door and went into the kitchen and spread out on the table was steak dinner that he’d made himself! Complete with broccoli [my favorite], rolls, and… candles! I’d never had a candle-lit dinner before :] The steak was perfect and the company wasn’t half bad either! ;)

After dinner, we went and got delicious hot chocolate from our local 7-11 convenient store. Any size cup for 99 cents! And it was really good too! I love that feeling that hot chocolate gives me, of being entirely warm from the inside-out. Cameron says it makes his insides feel like they’re sweating. It’s not his favorite sensation. But I love it!

We hiked our way up Old Main Hill on USU’s campus and went ice blocking! In case anyone was curious, ice blocking is amazing and Old Main is crazy steep which equals a crazy amazing time with plenty of grass stains! Woot, woot!

After we were tired and sore from crashing, we walked across campus to the fountain by the TSC. Cam pulled out a roll of pennies and said “Alrighty, so it looks like we’ve got 25 wishes each. You ready?” I nodded and he handed me a penny. We sat there on the edge of the fountain and made wishes. Silly wishes, hopeful wishes, wishes for the future. It was the best! Now we just get to wait and see if all those wishes come true… :]

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