Sunday, September 26, 2010

Picnic in the Sunshine...

Last week, Cam and I had the day off work so we decided to go on a picnic! We got ready, gathered our belongings and headed to Lee's to buy food for our mini feast. 
Once we'd purchased our food [which consisted of chicken fingers, rolls, and a Honey Crisp apple] we headed to the park!
It was such a gorgeous day with the sun shining and no clouds in sight. It makes me wish everyday were like that. We sat in the grass and talked about whatever came to mind. We looked up at the leaves on the trees and talked about what the future might hold... :]
ps. Cameron had the camera so we only have approximately 2 pictures of him this day and a billion of me...
Isn't he cute??

I love him so much!

Cam's fav... :]

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