Thursday, September 30, 2010

This one time, we went on a picnic. {yes, another one!}

My family came up a couple Sundays ago and spent the night at the Marriott on Main Street. We went out for pizza and then went swimming! My cousin, Avery, loved it! It was so much fun! We're kind of silly :]

don't mind us having an intense conversation in the background..
just look at the cute redhead in the front k?
 The next day, Dad and Hillary came to church with me. Then after church we went on a picnic to Tony Grove. One of the best places ever :) Go there. Its amazing!

Dad, Cameron, Me, Hillary, Landon, and Madey.
Mom is taking the picture...

My really cool sister, Madey. I love her sooo much!
This weekend, we get to go visit them in my home town of Layton and I can't wait!

Until next time...

..Lindy and Cam..

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  1. LINDY. I came across your blog aaaaand love it. I will become a follower right meow. I hope all the wedding plans are coming along well. much love. miss you!!!!!!!