Friday, October 15, 2010


Cam and I took Our Engagements last week and I think they turned out great! Thanks, Ryan! [if any of you out there are getting married or need family pictures taken or pictures for any occasion, Ryan is your guy! He’s awesome!]

Other adventures of ours..

Last night, we went to dinner at Chili’s [we’re almost regulars there. Haha we’ve been twice.] and it was quite delicious! My childhood friend, Nikki, works there so it’s always good to see her when we go. Good food, good company. You should go too. Well, when we left, we put my leftovers in the bed of the truck so they’d cool off. [Logan winters… Here we come!] We went inside and watched a movie and forgot about the leftover Chicken Crispers and mashed potatoes… oops… The movie ended and Cam took me home. We were standing in the driveway when I remembered about the food. Cam went to take it out of the back of the truck, paused, then looked at me said “Uh, Lindy…. I think a critter got into your food…” I looked at the to-go box and sure enough, there was a huge bite mark-shaped chunk taken out of the back of the Styrofoam and the front had been scratched open.
Inside, all the chicken was gone! The potatoes were still there though, untouched! Haha whatever it was doesn’t like veggies…

I got my wisdom teeth taken out last week!!! Talk about an experience… The first day I was completely numb and just drooled for hours afterwards. [Note: I am an exaggerator sometimes.. Just be aware ha ha.] I ate blended up peaches and a small chocolate milk shake. That was all. The next day was better. But after that, it just hurt and I didn’t like eating because it’s hard not being able to eat good solid food! I just wanted normal food and I whined all the time. Mom, I’m really sorry I was such a baby. You are a saint for putting up with me and taking care of me.. Cam, thank you for coming to sit with me while I complained about not being able to eat good food or when my mouth hurt and I couldn’t take anymore drugs. In case you were worried, I’m fine now. The dentist says they’re healing nicely. :] Good thing I never have to do that again!
(I was just a little cranky, so Cam was too chicken to ask to take a picture of my swollen cheeks. Sorry!) 

Cam washed the truck!!
We love that truck!!   
(Too bad we can only afford to take my car anywhere!!!)

AND... Last but still very exciting....
 Cam and I both got raises! Woot! Woot! Maybe we won’t starve!  We also found an apartment so keep your fingers crossed that we get it!!!

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