Saturday, October 23, 2010

Homecoming and a True Aggie :)

 Last night, my dear sweet Cameron took me to the Utah State Homecoming Dance!

We got all spiffed up in our finest.

I wore an old dress that I wore to my junior prom many moons ago. [Yep! It still fits! Holla!]
And Cam wore one of his dashingly handsome suits with a light blue dress shirt. He looked pretty darn good! ;)

He made me dinner [steak, it’s his specialty and I love it!] His roommate, Ben, took our picture and then we headed up to party the night away! It was so much fun! The dance was awesome. They had a live band playing classic good tunes to dance to and it was awesome. They also had a fancy little room set up where they’d have people mix you any flavor of lemonade you wanted! I had raspberry and Cam had strawberry. So good!

I guess I should back up and tell you that earlier yesterday, Cam took my ring to get it cleaned so it’d be all sparkly and cleaned up for me. When he picked me up I asked if he’d gotten it back and he said no.. that it was still in Dave’s office [our ring man]. I was bummed! I really wanted to wear it tonight and show it off. So instead, I wore the band we bought in Yellowstone and dealt with it….
Well, at approximately 11:55 pm, we headed up to the “A” so Cam could make me a True Aggie.. [just FYI, you have to be kissed by a True Aggie to become one… Yep, he was a little wild before we met and kissed many girls once upon a time… I still tease him about it some days haha]

As Cam and I were standing in line waiting for our turn, he turned to me and said “I’m nervous!” and I was so confused as to why he’d be nervous. We’ve kissed before… It’s not like it’s something new and terrifying… Then he told me that when I got up there, to hesitate and I was like why? And he just said “you’ll see…” So I get up on top of the “A”, turn to kiss him and the next thing I know, he’s down on one knee, holding my real ring out, asking me to marry him! Again! The whole crowd screamed [I maybe did a little too.. I was just so surprised!] and it was so hilarious! As we got down off the “A”, a ton of people yelled out congratulations to us and a few girls asked to see my ring! Haha 90% of everyone there thought it was a legitimate proposal, all of our friends knew it was one big joke [we’ve been engaged for 2 and a half months!], and I had no idea he had this planned out! Haha so stinking funny! I loved it :) 

The pictures are kinda blurry, but you get the point!  Our favorite part of the pictures (other than how good we look, of course) is the reaction of the girls to Cam's "proposal" and my "answer!"

I love this boy! :) and I can’t wait to become his wife in 56 days!

Ps. Thanks Ben for coming up to capture pictures of Cam’s little surprise!

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  1. And where are the pictures??? I want to see them!