Monday, October 25, 2010

Walking Among the Pumpkins!!!

Last night, we went to the Pumpkin Walk up here in Logan and it was so much fun! Everything is free and you just get to walk around and see all the really cool things people do with pumpkins! Some people are so incredibly creative, it amazes me! The theme this year was animation so there were tons of scenes from Disney movies, cartoons from when we were kids and all kinds of fun stuff. It was awesome!
Cam's favorite pumpkin during the whole thing. Go Aggies!
Me, in front of the Toy Story scene :)

Charlie Brown! [Isn't Cam so handsome!?]

Thank you, stranger girl, for taking our picture!

Mom, this one is for you! Don't those penguins from Madagascar  look so real?

Our new favorite movie: How to Train Your Dragon!

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