Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bridals :]

So They're Here!! And Amazing.
We went to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and took bridals/groomals last Monday and it was so much fun! My sweet sisters and momma came with us and I'm really glad they could come. They made silly faces behind the camera to keep my smile from turning into a fake one. Thanks Ryan for doing such a great job!

Isn't he SO handsome??

I love him :)

GQ pose much? I LOVE IT!

My cute sisters and I. I love you girls!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

10 days...

So. It’s been a little while.
I’ll try and be better. But no promises.

Since Thanksgiving, we’ve done a lot of school and work. Not fun.
And then, things got fun again!

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, we celebrated my dad’s birthday. I bought him a tie.
Happy Birthday Dad!
My handsome father in his new birthday tie :)

Then, it got boring again for a minute.

But! This Sunday, we were able to go to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional with Cam’s family.
It was amazing!
I loved the music. It was so great to be able to listen to President Monson and his counselors and feel the Spirit :]
It was so great! I love knowing that our families are forever and that soon, Cam and I will begin our own family [in 10 days, to be exact]. I am beyond grateful to my Savior for making it possible for us to receive eternal life and become like our Heavenly Father. If you weren’t able to listen to or watch the broadcast, you definitely need to go look it up. It will change you.
Me and Cam at the Conference Center

Then, on Monday the 6th, Cam, me, my mom, and sisters all drove down to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for…


I’ll post them as soon as I get them back from Ryan, our amazing photographer, whom we love!

Ps. Cameron looked AMAZING in his tux. Holy moly. Yeah, I am marrying a stud. He is hot!!

Last night, we studied and wrapped Christmas presents. It was a ton of fun!
I love that part of Christmas. I used to ask my mom to let me wrap my siblings presents just because I like it so much.
Giving, isn’t it the best?

Well, I have nothing more to say for now.. so have a lovely week!
Love, Lindy and Cam