Monday, January 31, 2011

Spring Break!!!

In approximately 5 weeks, USU gives this beautiful gift to students called Spring Break.

And guess where we're going???


yep! we're going to Disney World! :]
and I can't wait!

Happy Birthday Cameron!

Yesterday, Cam turned 22! He's so old... except not really!

Don't tell anyone but he actually opened all his presents a day early... I have no willpower to make him wait and he has no patience.. haha

So.. he's been asking for a Blu-Ray Player for a while.. Like since we got married and his brother got one for Christmas..

A few nights ago he asked if we could buy one with our tax return.. I said no.

It made him sad but he understood because we're poor and they're expensive.

But, little did he know, I was already planning on buying him one for his birthday!


I love you, Cameron!!


So, Cam and I have two very different ideas of what studying should look like.

Here's his version:

a desk, laptop, calculator, books...boring stuff...

Then, here's my idea...

A bed, pillow, blanket, and papers or books or a laptop if entirely necessary...

ps. a friend asked me if this was our bed. nope. we don't sleep in a twin. Its my bed from my parents house.
We keep it in our office for when my sis comes to sleepover and so i can do my homework on it :]
Happy Studying!


For New Years, my cute husband and I made flower cupcakes.. They look a lot more complex than they really are. But I'll let you think they're hard ;)

My handsome helper!

My dear sister, Hillary, and I like to wear cute aprons and bake cupcakes. Here is a small sampling of what we've done together!
Owls.. They're just so cute! And beyond easy!

One of the best girls I know.. I'm just lucky she's my sis!

A flock? of owls...

Sunflowers! These are harder. Or i just lack the coordination to make them look good.

Friday, January 28, 2011


I am sick. I have been since Tuesday.
And its killing me.
I'm ready to not be sick anymore.
Please and thank you.

On the plus side, I have an amazing husband who does anything and everything I ask of him and more. He's the sweetest boy i ever did meet :)
I love him!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dear Madey...

This last week has been one full of feelings I had never experienced before..
We went back to school, back to work, back to eating dinner at 9 at night because we work so late.

And it feels …


Kind of empty.

Not real.

I feel like any second I’m going to wake up and Madey’s going to be there.
Teasing me.
Making cookies with me, dancing around in the kitchen with our aprons on.
Watching BYU football with my dad.
Telling Landon to do his hair.
Telling me she doesn’t like Cameron. That she doesn’t want to lose me.

But she’s not here on the earth anymore.
She’s my angel. In heaven.
And I miss her more than I’ve ever missed anyone before.

Some days are easier than others. The days I stay busy are usually the best. The ones where I don’t have to be home alone.
But on the other hand, sometimes the silence is good.
Just to reflect.
To remember.

All the basketball and softball games.
Warming up in the yard.
When she’d make fun of me because I’m “old and out of practice.”
Sitting in the hot sun watching her play first base.
Snagging a ball and tagging the runner out.
Yelling at referees when they make an unfair call.
Madey being told that it’s okay to foul another player on the court.
Just not to foul out.
Cheering loud when she’d score or complete a great play.
Talking with dad at the games.
About anything and everything.

Playing guitar and singing together.
Taylor Swift. Over and over again. Because her songs are fun.
And easy.
She’d make up songs about me.
All of us.
They all rhymed.
And made no sense.
Silly lyrics.
Until she couldn’t think of another rhyming word.
Then she’d just sit and laugh because she thought she was so clever.

Painting toe nails.
Watching movies.
Walking the dogs.
Hoping Buddy didn’t poop while you had his leash because then you had to pick it up.

Sitting outside with her while she whittled a new stick she’d found.
Hiking. Especially that one really long hike where she complained the whole time.
Catching tadpoles at Kaysville Pond.
Cheetos on her peanut butter and jelly like candles on a birthday cake.
Because it was that much better all put together.
Pringle duck lips.
Jelly bean teeth.
Sparkle juice.
Doughnut holes and chocolate milk.
Goldfish and marshmellows.

That one corner where she drove my car.
We both almost pee’d our pants.
Coloring books.
Bubble baths and baby shampoo.
Her getting mad at me whenever I would touch her head.
She hated that.
But I always forgot.
So I kept doing it.
And she kept getting mad at me.
But secretly,
I liked it.

She and I just clicked.
Especially after she got older.
When she was little she was an annoyance.
Then slowly became a best friend.
I was talking to my dad the other day. He called us peanut butter and jelly.
Two very different things that complement each other perfectly.

I miss her.
And I always will.

I love you Madeline..
I can’t wait to see you again someday..

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Missing Madeline...

Yesterday, my baby sister, Madey, returned home to her Heavenly Father. Go here to read my family's blog..

On Tuesday January 11th our sweet Madey was taken home to her Heavenly Father. She courageously battled cancer, Ewing's Sarcoma, and was and is an inspiration to all of us. We have often felt that Madey was sent to earth to be a difference maker. She has inspired and helped many on this difficult journey and we will be forever grateful that she is our daughter, our sister, and our friend. We are also grateful that life doesn't begin with birth nor end with death.
A viewing is scheduled for Friday January 14th from 6-8 pm at Lindquist Mortuary in Layton, Funeral services will be help Saturday January 15th at 11:00 am at the Fairfield LDS Chapel 380 S. Fairfield rd. There will be a short viewing prior to the service from 9:30-10:30 am.

We wish to express our love and gratitude to all those who have loved and supported Madey with your faith, prayers, and your kindness. We love you...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wedding Pictures!!

They're done! and beautful!!
You should take a look  here!
Let me know which ones are your favorites :)
Also, be aware. Picture overload following... I got a little carried away. Its so hard to pick my favorites!

I think this one is so cool...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Reflections...

I’m not going to lie to you, this year has been one heck of a rollercoaster…

January 14th, my sister Madey was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a bone cancer. That day, our lives turned upside down. And since then, it hasn’t quit spinning. The battle with cancer has become a part of our lives that we’ll never forget and will affect how we live each and every day.
We learned a lot of things. We learned to be flexible. We learned to rely on each other more than we ever felt we had to in the past. We learned to love more than we thought possible.

In the midst of all the chaos, April 24th, my dad and I ran a 5k that was held to raise funds to help my parents pay for Madey’s cancer treatments. We are forever thankful for everyone that put it together and for everyone that came. It made a huge difference in our lives.
As the year continued, things kept changing, kept moving forward.

In June, I met this boy that I fell in love with. Then, in July, we got engaged. It was awesome :]
I moved to Logan. It may only be an hour but it is so far away from my family! I can hardly stand it. Going to visit is such an affair that sometimes I get frustrated with it. Someday we’ll get to move close to them again. I’m excited for that day.

Then, in December, we got married. [See previous posts. haha] and that was the best day of my life.

Now, as we’re in January again, I’m reminded of everything that’s happened in the last year, and almost exactly one year ago. Wow. Our fight isn’t over and we continue to live, to love, to laugh, to serve others, and to feel of the Spirit of Christ in our lives everyday….

As I’ve grown up and had different experiences, I’ve learned a lot about life, and what’s really important. It’s not about the fact that we still don’t have a vacuum, [thank you heather and phil for letting us borrow yours until we get one!], it’s not about the homework, or the hours put in at work, or the paychecks, or the lack of friends once you get married [it’s a little like we fell off the planet…]. It’s about family, eternal families to be exact. Cameron and I began our own eternal family on the 18th of December. And before that, both of our parents did so 20-something years ago. We will always be a part of an eternal family, together forever. That fact gives me so much strength, so much hope, so much peace. Please, hold your loved ones close, and never miss a moment. Never forget the time you’ve spent together. Always show that love that you hold in your heart. Make sure they know you love them always. Because that’s what really matters.

“We all have a little chicken inside us..but we all have a little lion inside us, too.”

Don’t let the chicken keep you from being brave, and doing something worthwhile.

Live each day to the fullest.

Be the very best you possibly can be.

Love with your whole heart.

Merry Christmas!

We came home the day before Christmas Eve and headed back to our frozen tundra of a home in Logan. It’s so cold up here!!! We spent our first night in our apartment as a married couple. It was so weird not having to go home at curfew haha but I loved it! Then we did our own little Christmas a day early and opened all our presents on Christmas Eve. Cam got me new scriptures with “Lindy Michelle Thompson” on them and I love them! They’re perfect and exactly what I wanted this Christmas. :] After we hung out and played with our new ‘toys’ [once you grow up and get married, you don’t really get toys anymore] we got all packed up and headed down to Layton. We went to my family’s house and reviewed the Christmas story from Luke 2 with my siblings, each of us reading a part. It was so good to spend that night just having fun, feeling the Spirit, and remembering Christmas’s past.
One of my favorite Christmases from when we were kids was after we’d opened all our presents and we were going through our stockings. My mom makes us do those last and usually at the bottom of our stockings is a chocolate orange. Really healthy, I know. Well, this one year, we got real oranges, like the fruit. And Madey got to the bottom of her stocking, pulled out her orange and, with shock and disappointment, said “I got a regular orange???” to which Landon replied “Hey! I got a peach, too!” Hahaha we all laughed long and hard about that one. After my siblings went to bed, Cam and I went to spend that night at his parents’ house. It was so much fun! I love Christmas.
Christmas day was split between our two families, back and forth all day long. But I loved it. It was fun seeing what everyone got for Christmas and just spending time together.

Mrs. Lindy Thompson

Then, we went to St. George!

And it rained every single day.
It wasn’t the sunny honeymoon like I’d wanted but it was still so much fun! We did a lot of shopping. A lot. We bought tons of stuff for our cute little house that we didn’t have before and that people hadn’t given us so that we could make our house functional. I got these really sweet canisters for sugar and flour and that kind of stuff and I love them! They’re on our kitchen counter now. You’re welcome to stop by and see all the fun things we’ve done to our little house anytime! 

While we were in St. G, it flooded. And the golf course behind our condo disappeared into a muddy nasty mess. Thankfully, we were up high enough that we didn’t have to worry about flooding in our place but it was so cool to go see!! It’s amazing what mother nature can do to our world and the changes that can occur over night.
Once there was a golf course. The next day, there was not. I’m just incredibly grateful we didn’t have to worry about a flooded home or lost possessions while we were there.

This WAS a golf course!

See? It was crazy. But really cool, too!

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