Monday, January 31, 2011


For New Years, my cute husband and I made flower cupcakes.. They look a lot more complex than they really are. But I'll let you think they're hard ;)

My handsome helper!

My dear sister, Hillary, and I like to wear cute aprons and bake cupcakes. Here is a small sampling of what we've done together!
Owls.. They're just so cute! And beyond easy!

One of the best girls I know.. I'm just lucky she's my sis!

A flock? of owls...

Sunflowers! These are harder. Or i just lack the coordination to make them look good.


  1. K I'm so glad you put pictures of those because I kept forgetting to ask you if they turned out!I'll have to show Jess! Those turned out WAY cute. I love all the other ones too.

  2. You are amazing! All those cupcakes look DELICIOUS!