Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We came home the day before Christmas Eve and headed back to our frozen tundra of a home in Logan. It’s so cold up here!!! We spent our first night in our apartment as a married couple. It was so weird not having to go home at curfew haha but I loved it! Then we did our own little Christmas a day early and opened all our presents on Christmas Eve. Cam got me new scriptures with “Lindy Michelle Thompson” on them and I love them! They’re perfect and exactly what I wanted this Christmas. :] After we hung out and played with our new ‘toys’ [once you grow up and get married, you don’t really get toys anymore] we got all packed up and headed down to Layton. We went to my family’s house and reviewed the Christmas story from Luke 2 with my siblings, each of us reading a part. It was so good to spend that night just having fun, feeling the Spirit, and remembering Christmas’s past.
One of my favorite Christmases from when we were kids was after we’d opened all our presents and we were going through our stockings. My mom makes us do those last and usually at the bottom of our stockings is a chocolate orange. Really healthy, I know. Well, this one year, we got real oranges, like the fruit. And Madey got to the bottom of her stocking, pulled out her orange and, with shock and disappointment, said “I got a regular orange???” to which Landon replied “Hey! I got a peach, too!” Hahaha we all laughed long and hard about that one. After my siblings went to bed, Cam and I went to spend that night at his parents’ house. It was so much fun! I love Christmas.
Christmas day was split between our two families, back and forth all day long. But I loved it. It was fun seeing what everyone got for Christmas and just spending time together.

Mrs. Lindy Thompson

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