Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Then, we went to St. George!

And it rained every single day.
It wasn’t the sunny honeymoon like I’d wanted but it was still so much fun! We did a lot of shopping. A lot. We bought tons of stuff for our cute little house that we didn’t have before and that people hadn’t given us so that we could make our house functional. I got these really sweet canisters for sugar and flour and that kind of stuff and I love them! They’re on our kitchen counter now. You’re welcome to stop by and see all the fun things we’ve done to our little house anytime! 

While we were in St. G, it flooded. And the golf course behind our condo disappeared into a muddy nasty mess. Thankfully, we were up high enough that we didn’t have to worry about flooding in our place but it was so cool to go see!! It’s amazing what mother nature can do to our world and the changes that can occur over night.
Once there was a golf course. The next day, there was not. I’m just incredibly grateful we didn’t have to worry about a flooded home or lost possessions while we were there.

This WAS a golf course!

See? It was crazy. But really cool, too!

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