Friday, February 25, 2011

Once there was a Snowman!

Once upon a snowy Sunday, Cameron and I built a snowman! It was really cold and really fun. I learned that Cameron loves to eat snow, just like my sister did when we were kids. My mom used to yell at her to quit eating the snow. Haha she never quit. And I don’t think Cameron ever will either.
Our snowman, who never got a name, turned out kind of creepy in the end I think but that’s okay! It was a good time even if he was ugly haha. Cameron’s sister, Heather, came and played in the snow with us too. She and her husband, Phil, live across the parking lot from us. She’s pregnant and so cute! I’m really excited to be an aunt in the coming months :] Its perfect because after the baby comes, I get to play with it but then when it starts to cry or stink, I just give it back! Best plan ever. Don’t you agree?
Other than that, life has been busy with school and work. I turn in my application for the Elementary Education program tomorrow! Cross your fingers!
Me, getting all bundled up...

Cute, pregnant Heather :]

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

This Valentine’s Day was mostly a normal day.
We woke up.
I went to school.
Cameron went to work.
Then I also went to work.
Came home.
And found a surprise on my kitchen table!
Cameron left me a Darius Rucker CD, flowers and a note! :] He’s the best! 
 Then I made dinner [which I tried to do at least kind of special for him, Chicken Cordon Bleu - one of his favorites]
Then, we had to study because it was test week.
A good day :] Nothing super insane but that’s not necessary. I love Cameron and he loves me! That’s all that matters. Forever and ever!

I Married a Genius..

 So, this week was a test week. Sixth week of the semester and we’re just barely having our first tests. I don’t mind but it was weird!
So I had one on Tuesday in my Elementary PE class. Love the class. Lots of work though.
Then Cam had 2 today, back to back, in Economics and Accounting. School isn’t really his thing even though he is super smart. Especially in math. [And I am not math-smart at all. Yuck.]
He got a 92% on his Economics test! I’m so proud of him! Then...
The Accounting test results came back.

And he got...

Good job, Cam! I'm so proud of you!! I love you!
PS. Homework every single night does pay off.. Who would’ve thought?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh my sweet husband...

For those of you that don't know him, my husband, Cameron, is funny. Very, very funny. And he knows it.
Sometimes, he'll look at me and say "Lindy, let's get married." 
and I'll say "Cam, we already did." 
Then he thinks about it for a second and says "Oh, yeah, I always forget!"
He doesn't really forget haha he's just playing jokes on me. 
 Being a goof.
He's really good at that. And I love it.
He's exactly what I need to come home to after a long day at school and work and my patience is wearing thin. 
He revives me. 
Even when he's being nerdy and doing taxes, or talking about accounting.
That's what he wants to be when he grows up. An accountant.
So not my thing.
But he's good at it and he likes it! So more power to him. I admire him in that way. 
He can do math. I can not.
Cameron, thanks for being patient with me, for taking care of me, for loving me even when I'm grumpy and being a stubborn turkey. I'm so glad the Lord knows what He's doing and brought us together :]
I love you!

Dear Madeline:

Has it really been four weeks already? It feels like yesterday that we were playing the guitar together and being silly, dancing around in aprons, tossing softballs back and forth in the backyard... I miss you... Every single day...
I was sitting in class a week or so ago, and this girl i was sitting next to had on a pair of shoes just like ones you used to wear. The black ones with the neon flowers on them. I don't have any idea what happened for the rest of class that day. All I did was think of you. I made a list of things that make me think of you. I add to it when something reminds me... I love you. I know you're probably the only one that will get most of these, but that's what makes them all the more important to me..
Basketball, Softball
Catching frogs & tadpoles
Peeing your pants
BYU football
hard chairs
BM&M's [hee hee...]
coloring books
painted toenails
aluminum water bottles [they really do make the water taste funny]
flirty aprons [and "no pants"]
peanut butter and jelly
with cheetos on top like birthday candles
Kaleb the Koala
Tipper and Max
cheering/yelling at games
summer time
bubble baths
baby shampoo
sparkle juice
hand sanitizer
hospitals [especially PCMC]
Red Robin strawberry lemonades
the bingo blankie
Barbie plays on the stairs
naked Barbies...
Taylor Swift
goldfish and marshmellows
bunk beds
swing sets and broken arms
Pringles that become duck lips
jelly beans
doughnut holes and chocolate milk
that one corner where you drove my car and we almost died
2 peas in a pod...

There are more but I don't want to cry right now... I love you miss madeline. always be sweet. and i miss you. always. until i see you again..
your big sister, Lindy

we are: howie mandell and adolf hitler... :]

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Friday Night....Date Night!!

Lindy and I decided while we were engaged that Friday night is date night! Early this Friday I was feeling like taking her to dinner. I was exhausted after work and decided that we needed a dinner at home.. One thing led to the next and Olive Garden in bed while watching "How to Train Your Dragon" was the outcome! It was kinda fun because Olive Garden in bed was what we had for dinner on the night we were first married!
Toothless is our favorite character in the movie!

We have discovered that one take-out order is enough to feed two people! Olive Garden for $16!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Last Night......

Last night I decided it was time to give Lindy an out-of-the-blue gift.  She had wanted one since before we got married and I just hadn't had the means to make it happen.  I decided that our tax return was not ALL going to be used for all boring stuff (student loans, car loan, savings) and that Lindy needed something fun too!! ( The blu-ray player is really cool and I love it).  So without further adeiu.........
325 Watts of cookie making power! 5.0 Quarts of chocolate batter goodness!!!

I love you, Lindy!!  I hope you enjoy your new toy!