Friday, February 25, 2011

Once there was a Snowman!

Once upon a snowy Sunday, Cameron and I built a snowman! It was really cold and really fun. I learned that Cameron loves to eat snow, just like my sister did when we were kids. My mom used to yell at her to quit eating the snow. Haha she never quit. And I don’t think Cameron ever will either.
Our snowman, who never got a name, turned out kind of creepy in the end I think but that’s okay! It was a good time even if he was ugly haha. Cameron’s sister, Heather, came and played in the snow with us too. She and her husband, Phil, live across the parking lot from us. She’s pregnant and so cute! I’m really excited to be an aunt in the coming months :] Its perfect because after the baby comes, I get to play with it but then when it starts to cry or stink, I just give it back! Best plan ever. Don’t you agree?
Other than that, life has been busy with school and work. I turn in my application for the Elementary Education program tomorrow! Cross your fingers!
Me, getting all bundled up...

Cute, pregnant Heather :]

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