Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

This Valentine’s Day was mostly a normal day.
We woke up.
I went to school.
Cameron went to work.
Then I also went to work.
Came home.
And found a surprise on my kitchen table!
Cameron left me a Darius Rucker CD, flowers and a note! :] He’s the best! 
 Then I made dinner [which I tried to do at least kind of special for him, Chicken Cordon Bleu - one of his favorites]
Then, we had to study because it was test week.
A good day :] Nothing super insane but that’s not necessary. I love Cameron and he loves me! That’s all that matters. Forever and ever!


  1. Lindy! Sorry, I've been meaning to write a comment, but life is so, so busy! I was on a friend's blog one day and somehow managed to read one of her friend's blogs who happened to read your blog too (if that made any sense at all)! We're doing good though- Wyoming is good. I love married life! You look so happy:) I love all of your pictures!