Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh, Spring.. Where are you?

Dear Cache Valley, Why are you snowing? Again? It's almost April and I would really like for it to be warm and beautiful for my birthday in 3 weeks. Okay? No snow. Not allowed. Rain is okay. I can do rain. But snow is too cold... Thanks! Love, Lindy Anyways, now that I'm done whining about the weather.. haha lately, I've been trying to learn to make new meals and branch out a little from our standard tacos and casseroles. So yesterday, I pulled out our brand new Crock Pot which I'd never even used before and made pulled pork sandwiches.. And it was a success!! Way easy. Don't know why I never did it before. I highly recommend a crock pot to anyone and everyone. It's magical. You just stick everything in it and forget about it! Then when it's time for dinner, it's all done! School and work have consumed our lives for the most part. I have tons of planning to do for my practicum teaching on Fridays [which I love!! The kids are adorable and so fun to be around], as well as tons of homework and finals prep in all my classes that it's a miracle we've got our heads above water still. But we do our best and that's what matters! Cameron is loving his accounting class. He's a genius when it comes to that kind of stuff and it all just 'clicks' in his head. I'm pretty darn proud of him :] He's the one that will be teaching our kids math, because I do not like numbers haha but that's okay! 4 more weeks of class, then finals week will be here. Summer is coming, I just have to keep telling myself that...

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