Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Sunday was my birthday! The big 21. I'm an adult. Yikes.

Cameron treated me like a princess and spoiled me like one, too. On Friday, he took me out to dinner for an early celebration. We went to Callaways in Smithfield. I liked it. He didn't. Haha but that's ok! We'll just stick with normal Olive Garden from now on out, I guess! Then we just drove around town and looked at how gorgeous the lights of Logan are in the dark.. I have a love/hate relationship with this town. Its really cold! But its also really pretty. And the temple is stunning... So, Logan in the summer is my favorite. Not Logan in the winter. Waaaay too cold for my liking.. Anyways..

Cameron bought me Tangled and Megamind on Blu-ray. I love those movies! We spent the day watching Tangled [I actually slept through it... oops..] and just hanging out together. My family came up for cake and ice cream and played Farkle with us. If you've never played it, I recommend it. One of my favorite dice games ever.

I love Cameron and I love my life :)

ps. Only 7 more school days, then finals, then FREEDOM!!!

Bikes + Mountains = Mountain Biking

For those of you that don't know him, Cameron loves mountain biking. LOVES it. He went as often as he possibly could last summer and he's already gone two or three times this year. He's gone as far up the trail as possible then hit snow and come back down.

Well, he's been bugging me about going with him. Al's Sporting Goods had a killer sale on their mountain bikes a few weeks ago. So, we bought me one. Yikes. Last saturday after work, we took it out for a spin...

Some new things I learned:
Don't make fun of mountain bikers.
For these reasons:

  • Learning how to switch gears

  • While pedaling UP the mountain

  • Not falling over
  • Getting all scratched up

  • Butt hurt

  • Thighs on FIRE

It. Is. HARD.

This is why I am not a huge fan of mountain biking. Yet. I promised I'd give it another shot when it wasn't so cold and I've had a little time to get over my first experience. Cameron's SO good to me. He didn't even get frustrated at me when I whined or told him I wanted to stop or take a break. He just stopped with me and watched me take a breather. He is the best example of patience.

I love him :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dear World...

I'm having a lazy day... Cam is at work. And I have the day off.
Its 2pm and I still have not showered.
I have done laundry though! So that's good, right?

I'm going to get back to watching Say Yes to the Dress and doing nothing...

Maybe I'll make some cupcakes...
Have a good day!!