Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh Cameron...

This morning before I left for work, I went into our room to wake Cameron up and say goodbye. Well, Cameron is a big time sleepyhead in the mornings. He doesn't really wake up until after he showers.
This morning was no different.
I walked into our room and told him I had to leave. He looked up at me with his squinty tired eyes, held up two fingers, and said "Two Autobots."


He looked at me with the most confused look on his face and said "Oh. I had a dream about Transformers."

I love that boy :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day...

I'm a few days late, but that's just how I do things, isn't it?

This Father's Day was really pretty good! We started the day off by going to church. Our primary class was a bunch of little devils. I almost cried. Let's never mention it again, okay?

Then, we climbed in the car and headed down to see our dads!

We had dinner with Cam's family. It was good to just hang out with them and talk about what's new in life. One of Cam's friend's and his fiancee came over after dinner to say hello. They're getting married this Saturday and we couldn't be more excited for them!

Dessert with my family was pretty fun, too! Ice cream and home-made chocolate sauce.. Mmm...
My family had just put my brother on a plane to Alabama earlier that day. He's at Space Camp! How cool is that? I know that I never would have been allowed to go when I was his age.. Funny how things change from the oldest to the youngest. Lucky kid. The house was quiet without him there, but still good. We played card games and just talked. The next day, my dad flew to Georgia to teach at EFY.. So its just my mom and sis at home this week. Talk about a quiet house...

Then, we headed home! And I didn't even fall asleep in the car on the way :) Miracle, I know. Cameron always ends up driving in silence because once we get on the freeway, I crash.. Sorry, babe...
ps. Cameron is going to be the best dad someday. I can see it :)

Our Father's Day was a pretty low key day, but it was good to be able to spend it with family. We're lucky we don't live too far away. An hour is still too far to just pop in for a visit, but its not bad.

I'm so thankful for my dad. He's the best dad ever. {no lie.} When I was younger, my mom and I used to butt heads and he was the only person I could talk to that would help me smooth over the disagreements.
One of the things he used to tell me when I was younger was to "Cowboy up, Cupcake." When things get hard, you have to be strong, put on your "i can do this" face, and do it. Because you can, no matter how scared you are or how unprepared you feel, you can do it. So, cowboy up, Cupcake...
My dad always helped me out during rough times, and he still does. I love that my dad teaches seminary. He always has a new insight to share that he'd find while preparing his lessons and doing his daily scripture study.
I can always go to him when I have questions or concerns with anything.
Also, my dad is funny. Like, the funniest guy I know. {just trust me.} We used to take pictures of people with mullets and send them back and forth to each other. Just because mullets are funny. {i think so anyways.. you may feel otherwise...}
My dad gives some of the best hugs. I know that I can go to my parent's house and get as many hugs as I need. {and yes, Cam gives the very best hugs. but dad hugs and Cam hugs are know?}
My dad is strong. Not only is he over 6 feet tall and "large in stature," but he's strong mentally and emotionally. These last 6 months, I've always known that I could talk to him and receive comfort. He has this way of letting me know that no matter what happens, my family will be together forever and I can always ask for help. {i'm kind of stubborn so its hard for me to ask. but i'm learning.}

Dad, I love you.
love always, Lindge

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy 6 Month-iversary Cameron!!!

I love you with all my heart!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Long Cut

Lindy and I went with a couple friends on a hike the other night. We have wanted to hike the windcaves for a long time and neither of us ever has. A friend of mind told me about a "short" cut up the backside of the mountain to the windcaves. I must have misunderstood him because we didnt even make it close to the top of the mountain before it got dark. I guess next time we will just take the normal route to see the wind caves!

Fortunately we remembered the camera! Unfortunately it had been so long since we had remembered the camera that the batteries were dead! I think Lindy managed to take some cell phone pics so I am sure she will post them soon!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Cell Phone + Water = No Good...

Today, while I was working, my cute husband brought me lunch and we got to eat together. Approximately 3 hours later I received an email from my sweet husband telling me a story. He had gone home and started the laundry [he's so good like that!]. As he was letting the washing machine fill up, he figured he could wash his shorts, too. So he whipped those off and dropped them in the washing machine.

He went upstairs to study for a test he has to take tomorrow, reached for his phone to text me and realized it wasn't next to him on the desk. He frantically searched the whole house, looking in all the normal places he puts his phon
e. The desk, the dresser, the coffee table, the kitchen table.. His phone is nowhere.

All of a sudden: Lightbulb!

Oh shoot. His phone was in his pants pocket.

He runs downstairs, pulls his shorts out of the washer and fights with the wet fabric to retrieve his phone. He finally gets it out of his pants. The keypad is lit up, screen is black, and its vibrating without a pattern. Fast, slow, fast, faster.
And then.


I got home and found his phone in a bowl of rice in an attempt to draw the water out of his poor phone. After dinner, he pulled it completely apart, trying to clean it out and fix it. After he had it entirely pulled apart, he took the pieces upstairs an
d blow dried them [without melting them thankfully]. Then, he put it all back together again. With no extra leftover parts. Impressive.

Then came the test.
He held down the power button, hoping it'd turn on.

Nothing. Darn it.

Anyone have an old Verizon phone you don't need? If you need him, call me. He'll get the message. Hopefully...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Its so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life."
-Rita Rudner

Friday, June 3, 2011


Yesterday, Cameron and I headed down to Layton for my little sister's graduation! I can't believe she's already old enough to move on to college and start living in "Big People's World" [that's what my mom and I call it. and it stinks. haha].


You're such a beautiful young woman! I love you so much and I really look up to you! You're brilliant and funny. I know that with your ambition and dedication, you can do anything :)

I love you, Hillary!

Go Lancers!

Mountain Biking... For real this time..

Wednesday night, after work Cameron and I decided to give mountain biking another try. [The first time, I whined the whole time and didn't get very far up the trail. So, after I made myself get over being such a chicken, we went again!

This time, we went along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail connecting the beginning of Green Canyon over to Logan Canyon. It was a gorgeous view of the valley [and we forgot the camera.. smooth move] and really didn't take us too long. I felt bad because Cam had to slow down and wait for me but I think he still had fun, too.

As we got to the end of the gravel covered trail, there's a pretty steep hill with a sharp turn at the bottom of it.. Cam went first and since he's the more experienced of the two of us, he made it. No sweat. Then, it was my turn. Yikes. I was pretty nervous since I'd already skidded a couple times going down smaller hills. As I went down, I was starting to make the turn.. And then my bike slid out of from under me, I skidded another foot down the trail, took a chunk out of my handle, and scraped my knee up real good... See?

The blood was running down my leg as we rode back to the truck. It even got on my shoe. :(

So, even though I crashed and destroyed my knee [I hadn't had a scabby knee since I was a kid...] I had a great time biking with my cute husband and I can't wait to go again!