Friday, June 10, 2011

Cell Phone + Water = No Good...

Today, while I was working, my cute husband brought me lunch and we got to eat together. Approximately 3 hours later I received an email from my sweet husband telling me a story. He had gone home and started the laundry [he's so good like that!]. As he was letting the washing machine fill up, he figured he could wash his shorts, too. So he whipped those off and dropped them in the washing machine.

He went upstairs to study for a test he has to take tomorrow, reached for his phone to text me and realized it wasn't next to him on the desk. He frantically searched the whole house, looking in all the normal places he puts his phon
e. The desk, the dresser, the coffee table, the kitchen table.. His phone is nowhere.

All of a sudden: Lightbulb!

Oh shoot. His phone was in his pants pocket.

He runs downstairs, pulls his shorts out of the washer and fights with the wet fabric to retrieve his phone. He finally gets it out of his pants. The keypad is lit up, screen is black, and its vibrating without a pattern. Fast, slow, fast, faster.
And then.


I got home and found his phone in a bowl of rice in an attempt to draw the water out of his poor phone. After dinner, he pulled it completely apart, trying to clean it out and fix it. After he had it entirely pulled apart, he took the pieces upstairs an
d blow dried them [without melting them thankfully]. Then, he put it all back together again. With no extra leftover parts. Impressive.

Then came the test.
He held down the power button, hoping it'd turn on.

Nothing. Darn it.

Anyone have an old Verizon phone you don't need? If you need him, call me. He'll get the message. Hopefully...

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