Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day...

I'm a few days late, but that's just how I do things, isn't it?

This Father's Day was really pretty good! We started the day off by going to church. Our primary class was a bunch of little devils. I almost cried. Let's never mention it again, okay?

Then, we climbed in the car and headed down to see our dads!

We had dinner with Cam's family. It was good to just hang out with them and talk about what's new in life. One of Cam's friend's and his fiancee came over after dinner to say hello. They're getting married this Saturday and we couldn't be more excited for them!

Dessert with my family was pretty fun, too! Ice cream and home-made chocolate sauce.. Mmm...
My family had just put my brother on a plane to Alabama earlier that day. He's at Space Camp! How cool is that? I know that I never would have been allowed to go when I was his age.. Funny how things change from the oldest to the youngest. Lucky kid. The house was quiet without him there, but still good. We played card games and just talked. The next day, my dad flew to Georgia to teach at EFY.. So its just my mom and sis at home this week. Talk about a quiet house...

Then, we headed home! And I didn't even fall asleep in the car on the way :) Miracle, I know. Cameron always ends up driving in silence because once we get on the freeway, I crash.. Sorry, babe...
ps. Cameron is going to be the best dad someday. I can see it :)

Our Father's Day was a pretty low key day, but it was good to be able to spend it with family. We're lucky we don't live too far away. An hour is still too far to just pop in for a visit, but its not bad.

I'm so thankful for my dad. He's the best dad ever. {no lie.} When I was younger, my mom and I used to butt heads and he was the only person I could talk to that would help me smooth over the disagreements.
One of the things he used to tell me when I was younger was to "Cowboy up, Cupcake." When things get hard, you have to be strong, put on your "i can do this" face, and do it. Because you can, no matter how scared you are or how unprepared you feel, you can do it. So, cowboy up, Cupcake...
My dad always helped me out during rough times, and he still does. I love that my dad teaches seminary. He always has a new insight to share that he'd find while preparing his lessons and doing his daily scripture study.
I can always go to him when I have questions or concerns with anything.
Also, my dad is funny. Like, the funniest guy I know. {just trust me.} We used to take pictures of people with mullets and send them back and forth to each other. Just because mullets are funny. {i think so anyways.. you may feel otherwise...}
My dad gives some of the best hugs. I know that I can go to my parent's house and get as many hugs as I need. {and yes, Cam gives the very best hugs. but dad hugs and Cam hugs are know?}
My dad is strong. Not only is he over 6 feet tall and "large in stature," but he's strong mentally and emotionally. These last 6 months, I've always known that I could talk to him and receive comfort. He has this way of letting me know that no matter what happens, my family will be together forever and I can always ask for help. {i'm kind of stubborn so its hard for me to ask. but i'm learning.}

Dad, I love you.
love always, Lindge

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  1. I love you too! And I am grateful to be your dad...You are an amazing woman. :)