Friday, June 3, 2011

Mountain Biking... For real this time..

Wednesday night, after work Cameron and I decided to give mountain biking another try. [The first time, I whined the whole time and didn't get very far up the trail. So, after I made myself get over being such a chicken, we went again!

This time, we went along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail connecting the beginning of Green Canyon over to Logan Canyon. It was a gorgeous view of the valley [and we forgot the camera.. smooth move] and really didn't take us too long. I felt bad because Cam had to slow down and wait for me but I think he still had fun, too.

As we got to the end of the gravel covered trail, there's a pretty steep hill with a sharp turn at the bottom of it.. Cam went first and since he's the more experienced of the two of us, he made it. No sweat. Then, it was my turn. Yikes. I was pretty nervous since I'd already skidded a couple times going down smaller hills. As I went down, I was starting to make the turn.. And then my bike slid out of from under me, I skidded another foot down the trail, took a chunk out of my handle, and scraped my knee up real good... See?

The blood was running down my leg as we rode back to the truck. It even got on my shoe. :(

So, even though I crashed and destroyed my knee [I hadn't had a scabby knee since I was a kid...] I had a great time biking with my cute husband and I can't wait to go again!

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