Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Powder Ridge Vacation.. the real deal..

A couple weeks ago, Cameron and I left good old Logan for a few days. We packed up the truck, the bikes, and a bunch of clothes and headed south. We drove on a dirt road for an hour or so through this little canyon I'd never heard of. It spit us out just above Eden and Hunstville. Then we drove up another really steep mountain and went to our family condo at Powder Mountain. :)
Our first night there, we had dinner and went swimming. Awesome. It was perfect really. Just hanging out with family, doing nothing and being away from home for a little while.

Cameron and I took the truck and did a little exploring. We found this trail that goes up to the highest peak in the area to hike. We started up it, and the view was amazing! It was beautiful. We saw a deer cross the trail not very far in front of us. It was really cool.. We got about 100 yards from the very top when it started to rain and thunder and lightening. Not cool! I about pee'd my pants when the first thunder struck. Yikes. We were above the tree line so we were the tallest things around, on top of a mountain, during a thunder storm. Needless to say, we got off that mountain and under the trees as fast as we could. It was pouring rain and we were a couple miles from the truck. Running down the trail was super fun, but we got completely soaked! It was dumping rain. Ca-razy. That storm came out of no where! But it was still really fun :) [ps. I don't have all my pictures uploaded yet. but soon. yeah, right. I've said that before. haha]

Sunday, we slept in. After everyone was up and moving, we played pictionary and charades. Cameron fell asleep. Hillary read her book and colored pictures. Landon and I played Play-Doh. Why yes, we are awesome like that!

We went for a mini-hike up to this old crane that's just sitting there. Its been there for a really long time, ever since my family's had this time share. So, a while. Its really fun to climb up into and take pictures of. We like it :)
We ate Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner and watched the first Harry Potter movie. It's crazy how little they are in that movie, but it was fun to watch and remember where I was in life when it first came out. It was a long time ago...

Monday, we took my dad's canoe down to Pineview and just spent the day there! We hung out on the beach, I read my book, we played in the water and took turns paddling the canoe out. Cameron and I took the canoe out for a little while. We got out into pretty deep water, we had decided to just sit for a little bit and not paddle when I noticed the canoe started to rock a little more than usual. I look back and Cameron has his feet hanging over the edge of the canoe, ready to jump out. I FREAKED out. There was no way on this earth I was going to let him jump out. Because if he jumped out, I was going to have to a: paddle the canoe back to shore by myself while he swam or b: try to steady the canoe while he got back in. NO freaking way were either of those going to happen without the canoe getting swamped.. So I may or may not have kind of thrown a little fit. But he stayed in the canoe :)
We headed back to the beach and as soon as we got into the little bay right by shore, Cam tosses his hat and sunglasses into the bottom of the canoe and jumps. No warning, no nothing. So, here I am, sitting in this canoe, alone. Cameron's swimming around me like its no big deal. He tells me to get ready, he's going to climb back in so I have to keep the canoe balanced while he does. Ha. funny. I'm doing my best not to have a cow but I'm not doing a very good job at it. Cameron gets ready to get in.... and... we tip the canoe. Awesome. Not. I try to help turn it back over, I can't touch the bottom of the resevoir, so I'm no use. Every time I tried to lift it, it just pushed me under, even with my life jacket on. My dad comes out to help Cam turn it rightside up and empty all the water out of it. I head onto the shore, throw my life jacket on the ground and dry off. I was not a happy camper. Boys. Why do they do things even when you ask/tell them not to? I have no idea. It took me a minute to cool off but I got over it and we ended up having a great day. Cameron and I ended up nice and toasted. Oops on the sunscreen. We did put it on. But then we didn't re-apply. I've learned that its key.

We drove back up to the condo with Hillary, Landon, and his friend Connor all squished in the truck. [my parents needed to run home for a little bit so my mom could work for a few minutes] It was one cozy ride up the mountain... We had dinner and watched another Harry Potter movie. It was a darn good day even if I did get swamped along with the canoe and sunburned more than I ever had been in my life :)

Tuesday, we all slept in then headed down to Ogden to see a movie! The Zookeeper. Looks ridiculous right? SUPER funny. I recommend it. Even if you just RedBox it. See it. You'll giggle.
We came back up to the cabin and while my family went on a hike, Cam and I geared up and went for a bike ride! The scenery was gorgeous and it was a lot of fun. [I'm still terrified of going down giant hills since my crash but I did it!] We then went swimming and just hung out until it was time to go back home..
But it was a great vacation and I want to go back... :)

ps. pictures coming soon...

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