Monday, January 30, 2012

a little bit of mud on the tires

Friday afternoon, Cameron and I REALLY wanted to go on a date {and avoid our homework}, but we are poor kids. Instead, we did a little bit of off-roading at the mouth of Green Canyon. It was a warm enough day that the snow had started to melt and made just enough mud that we wouldn't get stuck {thankfully} but had a ton of fun!

It definitely brings out my husband's inner redneck.

As we were getting the truck nice and dirty, we found a little frozen over pond.
Cameron got out and decided to skate on the thin ice.
I kept telling him not to because I knew he'd fall in.
I'm a big chicken and didn't want to. {I just imagine those scenes in the movies where one second your best friend is standing on top of the ice and the next second, they're gone. Yikes.}
Cameron made me.

Then he fell in.

Thankfully the water wasn't very deep and he only got one leg soaked about halfway up his shins..

I won't lie. I had a little bit of an "I told you so" moment.

After I was finished being worried for my husband's safety {and a little bit of a scaredy-cat}, I relaxed and had a lot of fun on the ice. It was scary! Yet, exhilarating.
It was really cool to feel the ice shifting under my feet as I'd walk. It was really terrifying every time it would crack underneath me, but thankfully never broke through.
That boy scares the heck out of me sometimes, but he's so fun and adventurous.
If Cam hadn't convinced me to quit being a chicken, I wouldn't have done something really cool.
I love him more than anything. :)

Behind Cam, you can see the 'road' we came down to get to the pond.

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