Monday, June 11, 2012

California 2012 :)

Last week, we loaded up our stuff, boarded a plane, and headed to California for 4 days. Best 4 days I've had in a while. It was so much fun!!

Day 1: Monday
We hopped on a plane. Hour and a half later, hopped off the plane. Heather puked. Awesome. but she was courteous enough to lose her guts over to the side of the walkway at Long Beach Airport so no one had to step in it. Poor thing.
Then we got checked into our hotel room and walked to Disneyland! It was SUPER busy but so much fun!! I've learned that to love amusement parks, you have to be good at standing in line, which I am not. but it was still a great day :)

Day 2: Tuesday
We slept in a little then got ready and went to the San Diego temple. The adults did initiatories [we missed a session by 15 minutes. oops.] and the boys did baptisms. If you ever get the chance, go here. This temple is so unique and absolutely gorgeous.

It was a bit windy. Don't mind my hair.

My cute in-laws :]
We went to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, Phil's choice. It was really pretty good! I'm all over a barbeque chicken salad so I really enjoyed it.
Then we went back to the hotel, changed, and went to Huntington Beach!
While there, Cam got swallowed by a giant wave. See the hat and sunglasses in the first picture? When we left, he no longer had them. The ocean stole them.

Cam, me, Phil, Heather, Parker, and Alex

Right before Cam got swallowed

why yes, i did touch seaweed. weird but true.

Soaked and frozen.

After the beach, we had to go find Cam, Phil, Alex, and Parker some new clothes. They got much more wet than they had anticipated. So, we went to Kmart. Cam was shirtless. It was a teeny bit awkward haha. Cam's dad said the manager kept watching him as we were shopping. We are homeless vagrants that shoplift shirtless. Oh wait. No we're not!
Then we went to the Spaghetti Factory in Newport for dinner. Delicious!

It was a nice relaxing day after the travel and park on Monday. I'd like to go back now please :)

More to come...

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