Friday, June 22, 2012

California Part II

So... It took me a like 2 weeks...
but here are the rest of our pictures from Disneyland/California Adventure :)

Monday - Main Street! So fun :)

Waiting in line for Soaring Over California. We rode this 3 times. So cool..

World of Color - Can you believe this is projected on water??
also, you HAVE to go see it at some point in your life. It is AMAZING! I almost cried. No joke.

This should say Space Mountain. But you knew that.

Day 2 - Wednesday:

After Cam cheated and beat me at Astroblasters...
Buzz Lightyear is his hero...

In the Beast's library at Animation Studios.. Awesome..

Cam's dad and brothers... Taking a rest...

My future home :)

Over that wall in Carsland... We were 1 week too early... :(

the Ferris Wheel all lit up at night :)

Me and Parker [Don't mind the fact that I look huge. oh well.]

Thunder Mountain Railroad

Cam's TV Hero is Phil Dunphy from Modern Family. [you may or may not see the similarities...]
Watch the Disneyland episode, then you'll understand why he's pretending to be motion sick. :)

Day 4 - Last day:
These are so out of order, but as we were leaving Disneyland for the last time [boohoo..] Cinderella and her step-sisters were by the gate and this one practically sprinted over to "flirt" with Cam..
I wasn't real thrilled. Thankfully she's not real....


Me "with" Tigger. Ha. We were too lazy to stand in lines and wait.

Last day.. In front of the flower Mickey Mouse...

He is so cute....
And I posted this last time but I couldn't help myself :)
The moral of the story is: go to Disneyland.
Fall in love with the atmosphere, the churros, and the "people-watching"...
Love it :]

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