Monday, July 23, 2012

hot sand on toes. cold sand in sleeping bags.

A couple weeks ago, we went camping up St. Charles canyon in Idaho and spent time at Bear Lake with my family. 
On the way up, we saw a moose. Running across the road. 
It was so much fun! I'm very ready to go back :)

Beach time :) 
don't worry, i got sufficiently sunburned. actually, more than sufficiently sunburned. ow.
morning cocoa :)
and my cute brother...

the next day, we went on a little tour through Minnetonka Cave. Super cool. until your tour guide is a weirdo and acts like he's 12. awesome. not. 
but the formations are cool!

my cute parents...

my stud of a husband :)
super cool cave formation...

then Cam took a nap, and we went exploring! we found this beautiful little stream/river/creek. it was so pretty and relaxing. love it.

my cute sister, hilley 

the next day was lovely. we went on a little walk to Blue Spring Pond. 
It really is blue. and really pretty.

the spring is here... its where its the most blue :)

after we did a little exploration, we went and did more exploration! 
Paris Ice Cave: you need to go :) there is snow there all year round. it's rather chilly. there's also these little cavern things where you can climb up and through and out of the cave!

see? snow in july!

handsome husband with the snow.

and again.
then we ate dinner and went home :(
lame. i'm excited to do it again! 
yay for camping with family and spending a lovely time in the woods.
...until next time...

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