Friday, July 27, 2012

weekend plans.

this weekend. at pineview.
o   undies and pjs.
o   shorts.
o   shirts.
o   socks and tennis.
o   sandals.
o   work-out clothes.
o   iPhone arm band & headphones.
o   skirt, slip, top, & heels [for her].
o   slacks, shirt, tie, & shoes [for him].
o   swim suits.
get ready:
o   toothbrushes.
o   contact solution & glasses.
o   make up. hairspray.
o   hair brush & elastics.
o   shampoo & conditioner.
o   blow dryer.
o   straightener.
o   swim suits & cover-ups.
o   beach towels.
o   sunscreen.
o   hats.
o   cooler [see eats].
o   hand sanitizer.
o   blankets.
o   umbrella/shade thing.
o   camp chairs.
o   floaties [?].
o   frisbee.
o   cooler.
o   ice.
o   water bottles.
o   hot dogs/hamburger patties & buns.
o   grill.
o   lettuce.
o   tomato.
o   mayo, mustard, & ketchup.
o   red onion & relish [?].
o   starburst.
o   granola bars [or] fruit snacks.
o   marshmallows, chocolate, & graham crackers.
o   roasting sticks.
o   paper plates.
o   knives.
o   garbage bag.
o   paper towels.
[i hope we're fully prepared...]
Wave runners. Sunshine. Friends. And my love. I can’t wait.

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