Monday, August 27, 2012

Demolition Derby. Preston, ID.

I sent my dad pictures of us attending this event and his reply was "So, first Cam works in Walmart, then you move to a trailer park, and now this?" 
You might be a redneck if....
It's only a tiny bit embarrassing...

So, Saturday night after the race [yep, same day. go me], we hopped in the car and followed another couple up to Preston. We took a short cut and ended up getting lost for a minute. But that's how our short cuts usually end up anyways. You'd think we would know better. 
Yay for Idaho!
Lost in the car. Not our fault ;)
 Then, we found it! Go us! [In reality, we did nothing but drive behind Sheridan and Katie, but I'll take any credit where I can get it.]

We entered the world of mullets, bright pink goaties [ok, fine. just one.], newborn babies on the front row [no lie.], lots of dirt, loud crappy cars, and cheap entertainment.

It was Cam's first derby and he was a little concerned as to how fun this really was going to be. 
Once he picked his car for each heat, I think he fell in love a little. His inner redneck started showing and we had so much fun!

In the 2nd heat, one guy got hit so hard that he flew across the inside of his car and passed out. Ambulances always make for good stories. Sad, but true. They had to cut his out of his car. And I was mad because the firetruck thingy parked in front of our view and we couldn't even see! I'm so heartless. [The guy ended up being fine, by the way.]

Our favorite parts were definitely the grudge match and the championship round. 
These folks get a little crazy and go all out at this point. 
It is definitely awesome.
Until you're getting all into it and loving the smell of burning engine parts when the peeps behind you spill their coke. All down your back. 
Cam took it like a champ, but I would have been furious. 
And I was a bit bugged. Rude.
And then they say, "want some pizza?" to make up for it then don't feed you anything. Darn. 
Oh, well... At least they shared their napkins...

If you've never been to a demolition derby, go. 
It will definitely change your life. 
And you'll see a few mullets, too, which is always fun.

On the way home, I was STARVING. [ravenous may be a better word.]
So we stopped at Wendy's where I inhaled 6 chicken nuggets and they gave us free frosties! I'm all over free food. 
And I got to spend all evening with Cameron. 
So it was awesome.

The End.

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