Monday, September 24, 2012


I will graduate from college in approximately 7.5 months. Finally. After 5 years of lectures, exams, projects, and practicums.
I can't even wait.

My husband LOVES to take our truck off roading in the mountains.
Last night, we went up Smithfield Canyon.
It was amazing! Leaves changing colors.
Just a little fall chill in the air.
It really makes me look forward to scarves and boots and hot chocolate.
every day.

I eat at least one package of Welch's fruit snacks every day. I love them.

My mom and I pretend to be crafty and sometimes we get lucky and it actually works.

Laundry is one of my least favorite househole chores.
I love clean clothes, but don't like the work involved.
[work being remembering to change the laundry from the washer to the dryer, etc...]

Cameron and I love the show Bones. We have already watched all the seasons on Netflix once and are now halfway through season 4 for the second time.

I bake treats once a week. Usually more.
My favorite things to bake are chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes :]

Sometimes, I feel like life moves way too quickly.
Especially the weekends that Cam and I have together.

Cameron calls me "vacation girl"
because I always want to get away from real life and go do fun things.
Like yellowstone. and Disneyland.
and pretty much anything that lets me avoid responsibility.
[proof: our last vacation was in July.
I'm getting antsy and need another one. asap.]

My sister, Hillary, is incredibly talented with a crocket hook.
She's also obsessed with yarn and a little bit of an old lady on the inside, but
I love her so much!

My brother, Landon, has started playing football this year.
Which makes me love fall and football even more than I already do.

My sister, Madeline, is an angel in heaven and I miss her everyday.

I love this little life I've been blessed with and while I don't understand everything that Heavenly Father throws our way, I know He loves me and has a plan for me and my family..

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  1. You are amazing! I'm so excited for you to graduate! We need to plan a fall hike ASAP, so let me know what Saturdays work for you, because Sterling doesn't work weekends anymore. And we can go to Logan this time, but you are in charge of picking the hike (remind your husband that I am five months preggo though). And if I knew your sister was a whiz with a hook I would've asked her to make my Christmas stockings, instead I'm paying a girl in my ward because I knew if I tried to do it, it wouldn't be done for Christmas, haahaa. LOVE YOU!