Saturday, October 20, 2012

island park, idaho. & yellowstone national park.

cam and i had fall break this week and decided to join my family in island park for a couple of days for a break. {i thrive on vacation.}

we packed up the car and headed on a 4 hour road trip.
long time in the car.
we chatted about life and things we love and how freaking awesome it is that we get to be together forever.
being married is awesome.

and the drive to island park is long but pretty. especially the part with lots of pine trees. love it.

we made it to my uncle's cabin. {thank you, uncle gym!}
and played with nate and sarah's puppies. adorable.
and now i'm going through puppy love withdrawls.

then we drove to big springs and saw all the giant trout. it was cold.
and we swallowed gnats. gross.
and there was no toilet paper in the bathroom there. double gross.
but it was still fun!

he's a babe. i'm making a little bit of a cheese face.

little brother, quit growing up.

we went back to the cabin and played scrabble for the first time. dad won. by a lot.
and then played phase10 before bed.

we slept in a little. ate some delicious man-breakfast {hash browns, eggs, and sausage. yum.}
then got ready and headed into yellowstone!

so excited for yellowstone!
we saw some amazing animals. giant buffalo that walked right next to the car. terrifying and awesome.

12 point bull elk. absolutely magnificent.
bald eagles. there are no words for how majestic these animals are.
and some chipmunks. can't leave out the chipmunks.

we saw mammoth hot springs, and they were mostly dried up. which was weird.

there was a herd of cow elk roaming through, just sitting on the thermal hot ground, keeping warm.
it was really neat.
we watched the elk and ate lunch in the car because it was super cold and windy.
then headed back to the other end of the park.

we stopped at gibbon falls {i think?}
the best view isn't right by the parking lot where everyone stops.
walk an extra 100 feet down the pavement. worth it.

my favorite geological feature we saw was the grand canyon of yellowstone from the south rim.

it was gorgeous.
and it made me wonder how anyone in the world can believe that there is no heavenly father up above looking out for us.
as i stood up on that lookout point, all i could feel was awe and love.
love for cam and my family.
love from my family.
love from my father in heaven and savior.
it was just a reaffirmation to me that i am loved and that my heavenly father has a plan for me and my family.
i know it.
i love it.

he is so cute in plaid flannel. most handsome lumberjack ever.
we then visited old faithful right after it had exploded.
awesome. bad timing.
but their bathrooms were warm so that was a plus.
{it was freaking freezing}

then we headed back to west yellowstone and to dinner.
we met up with the rolfe family. {hi guys! so good to see you!}
we ate mcdonalds.
we have no shame.
its fine.

cam and i finished our burgers and fries, hopped in the car, and headed out.
2 1/2 hours later than planned. but it was worth it.
i only slept for about an hour on the way home. which is definitely a record.
i'm a car sleeper. it makes cam crazy because then he gets bored with no one to talk to.
{sorry, lover. i can't help it.}

we made it home at 11:30 last night. exhausted but we had a great time.

we love vacation.
{and i'm counting down until we get to go again...}

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  1. Fun! I am with are the best! Glad you got to take a break from school :)