Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursdays with Avery.

On Thursdays, I babysit my cute cousin, Avery.. 
She makes me realize that I have a lot to work on before I become a mom...
Last week, we baked chocolate chip cookies. I let her lick the beater after we were done. 
The smile says it all...

 Then, while I cleaned up, Octopus became the bad guy, and Unicorn had to save Baby Koala from his evil tentacles. 
Oh, to be young again...

Today, we painted dot trees. 
Hers is an apple tree. with snakes in it. 
Mine isn't nearly as exciting.

We built Mr. Skeleton out of q-tips. 
[thank you, Pinterest!]

and then colored alphabet pages.

All before it was time to go to preschool.


  1. You are an awesome babysitter! I guess I'm used to babysitting multiple children, so the imaginary-game-aged kids I always just send downstairs to play while I work on homework/piano/drive the older kids to activities, etc. You can come entertain Ruth ANYTIME!

  2. What fun ideas! You will be a great mom :)