Saturday, November 24, 2012


Thanksgiving is always one of my favorite holidays.
Mostly because I really like food.
But also because it is one more day that I get to spend with the people I love.

this year, we spent thanksgiving with Cameron's family.
we watched the macy's thanksgiving day parade.
and then cameron and i watched the purina dog show.
every year growing up for as long as i can remember,
my sisters and i would watch the dog show after the parade. i grew up in a family that LOVES dogs.
we got our first dog when i was in elementary school, and have always had one since.
we love watching the dog show and seeing all the different breeds there are out there.
we choose our favorites and hope they win.
madey and i are die-hard fans.
we'd watch the entire show if we could.
which usually lasted for a couple hours.

the first thanksgiving Cam spent with us, he thought it was so weird.
and now he watches it with me because he knows how much i love it.
he also knows how much it makes me feel like my sister, madey, is there watching it with me...
i miss my dog show watching buddy.
thankfully, i have a new one, and at the same time,
i can feel like my old one is there, too.

we ate dinner. a lot of dinner. 
Grandpa and Grandma Wright came.
[whom I love like they were my real grandparents].
We talked and laughed and ate turkey and potatoes and pretzel-jello
[except Alex, who ate pizza. funny boy.]
and it was good.
not just the food. which was delicious.
but being together.
 It's kind of the best thing ever.

After dinner, we sat around and talked for a while and let our stomachs settle.
Then we filled them up with more pie.
and this little cutie wanted to sit in a big kid chair.

and it was hilarious.

Cameron and I made our way over to my Grandpa Rodney and Grandma Linda's house.
where we ate more pie and chatted with my aunts, uncles, and cousins.
peanuthead's parents had already left because my Aunt Katie's water broke!
they drove up to Logan where she was admitted and had a sweet baby boy early Friday morning.
he still doesn't have a name... I can't wait to meet him sometime this weekend.

we went to my parent's house and hung out until later that night.

we played with peanuthead and cruised the ads for some sweet deals.
then since i would rather sleep than freeze, we went to bed instead of going shopping.
the next morning, Cam got to have "car friday" and did the brakes on my mom's car with my dad.
hillary and i went shopping. we got boots. and i'm in love with them.
Cam let me wear them yesterday,
but then i had to put them back in the box so he can wrap them for christmas.

i'm so incredibly thankful for my family.
i'm thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for the hope and peace that it gives me.
we are so blessed.

happy thanksgiving!

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