Friday, November 16, 2012

this one time, i forgot i had a blog.

so... halloween is over.
it wasn't as exciting as it is when you're 8 and get to dress up like mulan with your sisters and go trick or treating... but it was still good.

i went to school.
then i left early.

i wanted to see my niece in her little ladybug costume.

and peanuthead as a witch.
[whom i missed because of bed time. darn bed times.]

[ps. freaking adorable, right? i love them both so much.]

i had also been craving my father-in-law's cream of broccoli soup.
it is my favorite and i love it.
definitely worth ditching class early.
[ps. night classes are no fun.]

after we had a teeny bit of excitement, life went back to boring.
school. work. sleep. repeat.

then my little brother turned 14!
we baked cookie dough cupcakes. [they're way better 2nd day and with frosting.]
and he tried to pop balloons with his airsoft gun for money.
my mom is such a genius.
until the bb just bounced off the balloons and about killed us all.
then cam had a test review and a group project so we had to leave the party early. boo.

and then it went back to boring again.
i'm so glad that we only have a few more weeks left of school.
then i will have my husband back.
he won't study for all his ridiculous tests.
[that are always in the same week. ugh.]

then he will pay attention to me. and we can be together.

and celebrate our anniversary [in 32 days. wow. time flies.]

and christmas. [i love christmas.]

i'm ready for excitement.

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