Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2 years...

Cameron and I have been married for two years now.
2 whole years!!
i can hardly believe that it's been so long since we were sealed on december 18th, 2010, but it has.
its a little bit insane and definitely doesn't feel like its been that long.
but at the same time, it kind of feels like its always been this way.
me and him together.
does that make any sense? [if not, just say yes anyways so i don't feel like a crazy]

in the last two years, i've learned a lot. i've learned a lot about who i am, about being married, about who we are, about who cam is, and a million other things that may or may not seem related.

right after cam and i tied the knot, we were threw a curve ball; a really curvy curve ball.
it was an incredibly hard thing to deal with 3 weeks into our marriage, but somehow, we did it.
between spending nights on my parents' living room floor and driving back and forth from logan to layton as often as possible, it was not easy.
it made it harder for us to act like the newlyweds we were. we had to be grown ups.
we had to jump right in to supporting each other no matter what. and it wasn't that easy [especially when you have a little stubborn streak like i do.]
cameron was patient. very very patient.
even though he quickly tired of sleeping on my parents' living room floor and waking up an hour earlier than normal so he could drive all the way to logan to work for the day and then drive back to layton to be with me at night.
i am lucky to have someone as patient and willing as cameron is.
throughout all of this, i learned to follow his example. i learned to try to be patient with him, too.
because as long as i always do my best to take care of him and be patient with him, he will notice.
he always does.

i've also learned that when i stand in front of the mirror and ask "does this look cute?"
and cameron says "yes, you always look cute" he is being completely honest.
even if i don't feel like i look good, he does. because he always thinks i look good.
even right after i wake up and i have major bed-head and morning breath.
he still thinks i'm cute.
its taken me a long time to figure this out. and sometimes i forget it. but its true.
he always thinks i'm pretty.
when he looks into my eyes and asks "why are you so beautiful?"
its just one more reminder of how he sees me and how much he loves me.

i've learned that even if dinner doesn't turn out like you planned, there is always cereal, pancakes, or wendy's.

i've learned that csi gives me weird dreams. but only if i sneak in an episode and watch it without cam home.

i've learned that i am indecisive.
and sometimes it's better to just jump in and make a decision. don't stress.
especially if its over whether to have noodles or rice with dinner.
just pick one.

i've learned that home improvement & diy projects are expensive.
but i still love them.
and cam is really hot when he works with power tools. mmm.

i've also learned that cameron doesn't really care how our home is decorated. as long as the laundry is clean, the dishes are done, there is food to eat, and free kisses, he is happy.

i've learned that he hates hanging curtains and curtain rods.
too many tiny pieces at awkward angles.
so once they're up, they're up.

i've learned i need to be more authoritative when telling him where to hang pictures.
hemming and hawing over it for three weeks does not make for a happy husband.
neither does making him replace light strands on the christmas tree. but he does it anyways.

i've learned that i'm not sure how i ever used to sleep without him.
that extra snuggly warmth is something i need.
on nights when he has to stay up late and do homework,
i have the hardest time falling asleep in a big, empty bed.

i've learned i need to be less of a chicken. and cam helps me to be brave.

we've been through quite a bit in the last two years.
i'm so thankful that cameron has been with me through all the good and the bad.
i'm thankful for his willing and positive attitude;
his ability to make me laugh all the time;
his hard work, at home and at school;
his insane knowledge of how to take anything apart and put it back together
[without extra parts leftover];
his strong hands [even if they do get all beat up when he works on the truck];
his ability to eat almost anything [except lemon, mint, and pumpkin flavored foods];
his smile;
his support, no matter what;
his rootbeer brown eyes;
his kisses [with or without the beard]
and his warm, welcoming, all-encompassing hugs.

you are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.
i wouldn't trade what we've been through for anything in the whole world.
i'm so glad that we get to be together forever!
happy anniversary!
i love you!
-lindy lou

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