Saturday, December 29, 2012

anniversary weekend

this year, our holiday celebrating started early. on friday, cameron and i skedaddled out of town and headed to park city for the night to celebrate our anniversary.
we ate Arby's in the parking lot for dinner. yum.
and then we had a little delay when the power lines were down across the highway out of town and we had to backtrack & go the back way...
but, at 11:30 friday night, we finally made it to our hotel.
and it was gorgeous.

all of the trees were covered in christmas lights all along the street and the ground was shoveled in snow.
it was magical.

there was a giant christmas tree in the lobby. [the lobby where i felt like i didn't really belong. haha]
covered, heated garage for us to park in. i liked that.
one of cam's favorite things here was the model that they had of the hotel by the elevators.
super neat. we were in the big building...

our room had heated tile in the bathroom so you didn't freeze your feet everytime you had to go.
it was quite nice.

beautiful sink, giant bathtub, super cool shower.

little kitchenette that had coffee. but no hot cocoa. :(
awesome fireplace. cam wanted to keep the tv.
and a beautiful dark wood armoir.
it was so fun.

the king size bed was huge. and it had tons of pillows! which i love!

it was the perfect place to spend a night away and spend some time together without having to worry about the every day stuff.
my husband is the greatest :)

happy 2 year anniversary to us!

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