Saturday, December 29, 2012

merry christmas!

**just a heads up. this post is huge. it was an awesome weekend.**

after our little get-away in park city, we took the long way home and went up through heber valley and down provo canyon.
we had planned on going to the temple on saturday, but cam's temple recommend had expired at the end of november.
but thats okay!

we walked around the temple. it was better than nothing, and then
we got changed out of our church clothes and went to cabella's instead.
its like the same, right? oh wait....maybe not.
but it was still fun!
cameron had never been before and it was cool checking out all the animals and things.

we then headed over to cam's grandparents' house for the annual wright family christmas party. it was fun. a little weird. but fun. in my experience, that's how family parties usually go anyways, so it was perfect.

my grandma slaughter lives about 1/2 mile from cam's grandparents so then we went and visited her for a little while and caught up since i hadn't seen her in quite a while.
she was having a good night and only repeated herself a couple times; which made it easier on me because i was really nervous to see how she was doing and if she would remember us..
she told me some stories from her days as a middle school english teacher in idaho that i hadn't heard before. it was really nice to be able to go see her and hear more of her stories that she doesn't usually tell, especially those about my grandpa...

we then made our way to salt lake to go see the lights on temple square and wander through city creek with some of cam's friends. it was so cold!! but so fun! we got hot cocoa at kneaders [delicious] and had fun just catching up and hanging out.
[we're so excited for jake and emily to finally get married in may! hooray!]

sunday was nice and relaxed. we went to church with cam's family and then had dinner with my family.
we've gotten pretty good at splitting days between our 2 families.
at least most of the time.

christmas eve was a really good day. we spent the morning finishing up last minute gifts. walmart was a zoo.
i don't know why we ever go because its always ridiculous.
then we baked cookies and just relaxed at cam's folks'.
we went to see rise of the guardians with my family.
it was a really cute movie! i enjoyed it.
then we went to dinner at red robin.
i can't ever get enough of their fries & fry sauce. mmm.
we said goodbye in the parking lot. i did an ice dance. it was awesome. and i didn't even fall down.

we then played a game with cam's family and watched the muppet's christmas carol before heading to bed.
christmas eve night is one of my favorite nights..
the anticipation and excitement just about kill me.
and then it kills me again at 4 in the morning when i wake thinking its time to be awake when it really isn't.
which happened again this year, even though i'm 22 years old.
you would think i were 6.
i love it.

i finally calmed myself down enough and fell back asleep until 7, when we got up, got ready [more like presentable] and went to open presents at my parents' house.
my parents have this thing where they make us wait at the bottom of the stairs until they're ready. which when we were kids involved my parents showering, my dad shaving, my mom drying her hair, etc.
pure torture to the excited soul of a 10 year old.
and then they would let us all come up the stairs one by one, with the youngest going first.
i am the oldest & the one that gets the most excited. rude.
i think they do it to me on purpose. even now that i'm all "grown up". ha.
this year, we all made our way up the stairs, one at a time [except they let cam and i go up at the same time. so kind of them] and sat in front of the tree.
everyone got a present from under the tree and we all opened our first ones at the same time.
this was weird to cam since in his family, they each take turns, one person at a time.
my family isn't patient enough for that.

we all got some pretty awesome things from Santa & cameron spoiled me again.
i always feel like i've got the greatest ideas and given him the best christmas ever until we actually open presents and he's outdone me.
i don't know how he does it, but somehow he figures out exactly what i want and finds a way to make it happen times 10.
like this freaking sweet sewing machine that i'm already in love with. add into the fact that its pink!

and i've already started my first quilt!
he is the best!!!

i got my handyman a drill so he can quit having to borrow his dad's all the time. and he's already used it!
he's also trying to find girly projects that i want done so that he can add an air compressor to our tool stash.
more like tool room.
[the 2nd bedroom has slowly become his man-cave...]
he also got some super sweet oakley shades that are not allowed to leave the truck.
he loses sunglasses way too easily,
but hopefully these ones will stay where they're supposed to and last forever.
that, and he looks rather handsome in them.

cam's parents gave me this ginormous set of cookie cutters and 3 new cookbooks! they know me well.
can't wait to break out these babies and make the entire alphabet out of cookies. awesome? yes.

my parents gave us a grill. like a real one! kind of.
its mini, but perfect. and we already used it once.
successfully i might add. it was delicious.

i grew up in a meat-eating family. my daddy raised me this way.
for me, there is nothing better than a home grilled meal.
plus, it rocks for emergency preparedness.

oh boy, this post is really long.
but i can't finish it without at least mentioning the reason for christmas,
and how much i love the christmas season because of the spirit of christ that lives in our homes and our hearts, at least during christmas time, but hopefully all year long.
i am so thankful for the gospel and for the hope that it gives me.
the hope that my family can be together forever.
the hope that even if it doesn't work out the way we want it to, it will always work out how it should.
the hope that i can always be forgiven and the hope that i can always be better.
i know it is true. and i know that my savior loves me.

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