Saturday, April 13, 2013

life lately...

I have 2 more weeks of student teaching. Third grade has been a lot of fun and I've been able to work with some really great teachers, but I am ready to be done with the hoop-jumping that comes along with atteding college.

I will be an official college graduate 3 weeks from today. May 4th cannot come soon enough! We picked up my cap and gown about a week ago, and it is all starting to feel much more real. It was strange not having to worry about registering for classes in the fall, but it was most definitely a good kind of strange.

I'm starting to get nervous because I don't have a teaching job, yet. As much fun as it is working at the credit union, I would much rather not do this forever. I just need to be patient. The right position will come along, I just have to keep waiting... I'm not very good at waiting...

Cameron's younger brother, Alex, graduated from LDSBC yesterday. We went to his graduation ceremony at the Tabernacle. We are so proud of you, Alex!!!!!! He got to choose where we went to dinner, so we ended up and Litza's Pizza because he loves their rootbeer and cheese pizza. I'd have to agree that their rootbeer was pretty darn good. It reminded me a little bit of Fredrico's here in Logan; it's a little place where they hang up some Italian art and dim the lights and call it an Italian restaurant even though the food is nothing more than salad, garlic bread, and pizza, but it's still good!

We also checked out the gorgeous flowers on Temple Square. It is absolutely beautiful right now! Everytime a little breeze would blow, the sweet smell of all the flowers would tickle my senses. The atmosphere and the company made for a perfect spring day.

He is darn cute... How did I ever get so lucky?
Later, Cameron went to a "Bachelor Party" [Do Mormons even have bachelor parties? I don't know.] and they all bought the groom-to-be tools. At least it was manly, right? [We're really excited for Josh and Paige to get married in 2 weeks!]
I went to my dad's classroom and played ping pong with my brother. He beat me... but just barely!

I had an interesting day at school last week where I could feel Madey was trying to get my attention all day. At lunch, the teachers were all talking about people they know with cancer... It was hard for me to listen to, but I also didn't feel comfortable enough to chime in. I sat there eating my carrots and texting my mom and Hillary about it. The conversation that followed involved my dipping my carrots in my chocolate pudding, Madey putting cheetos in her pb&j, and her being jealous because my birthday is next week [she always got jealous when it was someone else's special day], and how Hillary used to give us concussions during "heavy heavy hang-over thy poor head." It is times like that when I am thankful for my family and their ability to instantly make a difficult moment a little bit easier. I'm also thankful that I do get those little reminders of Madey every so often. Especially since those reminders now tell me that I'll get to see her again someday. Oftentimes, that someday can't come soon enough.
I love knowing I'll be with my family forever. It also makes those rough minutes much easier to take in stride...

This talk from the Young Women Broadcast is also amazing and makes those tough times easier and reminds me that they are worth it.

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