Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bucket List #1 - Visit the baby cows

For quite some time now, I've had this obsession with baby cows, or calves, if you want to get technical. Any time we drive past a field of cows I always look for the little ones. For some reason, they make me really excited and they're just so darn cute!
Cameron's manager's in-laws own a dairy farm up here and last week, his manager mentioned that her daughter's cow was getting ready to have a baby. Cam, being the observant husband he is, piped up and said that I LOVE baby cows and dream of feeding one with those giant bottles they use in the movies. Michelle invited us to come out to the farm one day and see the calves [they have about 9 or 10] and feed them.
We went for date night on Friday. We hussled home, changed, hopped into the truck and headed out to the farm. Two of Cam's co-workers, Katy and Courtney, met us there. We headed into the building where they actually milk the cows and it was pretty cool! Cameron was pleased that he got to squirt one of the cows with the hose because she wasn't moving into the next stall.
Then after we'd have enough fun there, we made our way over to the little pens where they keep the calves. They are so adorable! I instantly fell in love with all of these little cows! I did get to feed one with a bottle. Dream fulfilled. I was pretty impressed at how strong the little calf was even though she was only 3 days old. I loved every minute of it!

We also walked over to another building where they had another momma cow who had just had her little one about an hour before we got there. There was also another momma getting ready to give birth. It was really pretty amazing to watch her sides and see the calf kick and move around.

I would have to say that visiting the baby cows was a huge success!
Thanks again, Michelle, for letting us come visit and take a little tour!

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