Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bucket List #47 Make Something

For a combined birthday/graduation present, my parents bought me a Cricut. A big one. They bought it so I would be able to use it in my future classroom. For now, I just get to play with it and make all sorts of fun things that I don't really need but want to make!

 For some reason these pictures are stretched out a little weird... Whatever.

Just squint and pretend that they're not weird proportions and you'll see how cute they are! This was the first project I did with my Cricut and I am very pleased with how they turned out! Cute, right? It really is a blessing that I can benefit from everyone else's creativity that I found through Google.

My dear sister, Hillary, asked me to make her a "clean/dirty" sign for the dishwasher in her new apartment.
I kind of love it and may need to make another one for myself!

She also asked me to make her a little sign to go on her desk at work. She works on campus at BYU and often studies at her desk [she's a way better student than I ever was] but she doesn't want her co-workers and boss thinking that she's studying on the clock and getting paid not to work...

I'm also working on a poster for all the fun things on our Summer Bucket List so we can check them off when we complete them, but it isn't finished yet!

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  1. Super cute!! I also love your summer bucket list. I need to be more creative and come up with fun things for us to do!