Friday, May 10, 2013

Our Summer Bucket List

Now that summer is officially upon us
[yay for graduating! that post will come once i have the pictures of that lovely day from my mom],
we decided that we needed to put together a list of things we wanted to do this summer in between work and Cam's online class.
This is what we came up with.
Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments! 
Our Summer Bucket List:
the 49 things we are going to do this summer.
the 2013 edition
1.      Visit the baby cows
2.      See Despicable Me 2
3.      Read 20 books
4.      Go star gazing
5.      See a meteor shower
6.      Sleep under the stars
7.      Go rock climbing
8.      Go to SummerFest
9.      Go to the Aquarium
10.  Camping at Bear Lake and get shakes
11.  Run a 5K
12.  Go to Hogle Zoo
13.  Go mini golfing
14.  Make homemade ice cream
15.  Have a BBQ
16.  Feed the ducks at 1st dam
17.  Hike the Wind Caves
18.  Go on a picnic
19.  Go fishing
20.  Go to City Creek
21.  Collect sea shells
22.  Plant a Garden
23.  Make Rootbeer floats
24.  Go to the Farmers’ Market
25.  Go to a Bee’s game
26.  Swim at the Logan Aquatic Center
27.  Go on a road trip
28.  Visit the Clark Planetarium
29.  Make pineapple Dole whips [like at Disneyland!]
30.  Bake a fancy 3-layer cake
31.  Build a blanket fort & have a movie marathon
32.  Make Italian sodas
33.  Stain and upholster the kitchen table & chairs
34.  Get a teaching job
35.  Eat a snow cone [or 10]
36.  Cam: Get an A in your online class
37.  Go biking
38.  Exercise everyday
39.  Go to a drive in movie
40.  Skinny dip
41.  Visit a museum
42.  Build a sandcastle
43.  Make homemade salsa
44.  Spend a night in a fancy hotel
45.  Kiss. A lot.
46.  Find a new apartment
47.  Make something
48.  Replace the bushings and shocks on the truck
49.  Go to Lagoon


  1. What? Have a baby isn't on that list? ;)

  2. Having a baby fits into number 45. Kiss. A lot. :)

  3. Suggestion:

    Hang out with Emily and Jake before they move away. :(