Friday, October 18, 2013

A Little Update...

It has definitely been a while since I've posted anything because things have been a little crazy!
In August, we moved from our trailer home in Logan to South Ogden so that I could begin teaching 6th grade at a school in Downtown Ogden. 

Teaching has been a huge, new, somewhat overwhelming adventure but it's also very rewarding when my students understand a difficult concept. Cam is working at a branch in North Ogden and driving to school in Logan at USU for his last 2 semesters. His classes are going well and he's doing a really great job at balancing his busy schedule. He is so good to me and our little family! 

Speaking of our little family... It is going to get a little bigger in March! We're expecting our first little one and we have our 20 week ultrasound next week. We're so excited to find out if this baby is pink or blue! It's so crazy to think that we're almost halfway through this pregnancy even though my bump [and our baby] is still teeny tiny. 

8 week ultrasound - It's just a little peanut!

We found out we were expecting the day before we left for Moab and told our families later that evening. I felt fine for couple weeks after that and then it all caught up with me... Every evening was definitely a challenge! The evening sickness finally went away for the most part around 16 or 17 weeks and I'm feeling so much better these days! 

14 weeks-ish

15 weeks-ish

16 weeks

18 weeks

19 weeks

I don't have too many cravings, but I do have some food aversions. Chicken is a serious struggle as is most meat. I LOVE chocolate milk and have at least 1 large glass a day, preferably more. Now that I'm not so sick, I'm cooking a little bit more and that makes Cam much happier than he was eating chicken patties every night. It's so much fun to be hanging out at home together and Cam will put his hand on my belly and tell our baby how much we already love it. It's exciting to look down and see a teeny little belly that's holding something so near and dear to me already even though we haven't exactly met yet!