Friday, January 23, 2015


Looking back, this year has been full of adventures for our little family!

March 18th, we welcomed our sweet baby Mckay into our family. He’s now 10 months old, wild as they come, walking and crawling all over the place, and LOUD. He has 6 teeth. Mckay is in the 99th percentile for height and the 80th for weight. He eats like a rockstar (except for avocadoes; he HATES avocadoes). He sleeps between 10 and 11 hours at night, but still gets up once. We love this crazy kid!

In May, Cameron graduated from Utah State and began working as a Product Development Analyst for America First Credit Union. He seems to enjoy it and is doing a really great job. Numbers are very much his thing! He is an amazing dad and husband.

In July, we bought our first house! We now live in a cute split entry home in Syracuse. When we can afford to, Cameron and I spend our time updating the home and making it more and more our own.

In August, I started a new job! I now teach 2nd grade at an elementary school in Layton part time. It’s perfect! I love the kids and I love that I get to spend time at home with Mckay, too.

We’re looking forward to another great year and all the adventures that 2015 will bring us! 

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